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Artwork Guide

Raster or Vector ?

We can print both raster and vector images. Raster images need to be 300dpi at print size for high-quality printing. Not sure if your design is vector or raster? Just send us, our designers will help you adjust the format to fit the print.

File Types

The Files types we accept:


Most of our stickers print using CMYK and PANTONE process color printing. If your design is in RGB color, our designers can help you convert it to CMYK color.

How To Outline Fonts in Adobe Illustrator?

Designers sometimes request artwork be sent over with your fonts outlined so that there is no visual error when it’s time to print. This means that they can print your artwork exactly how you intend it to look even if they don’t have your particular font file on their computer.

Since we don’t always have the same fonts as you do, an outlined font ensures that we print your design correctly. If you send your font without outlines the text may be substituted with a different one in our system.

Once you outline text you don’t need to worry about missing fonts. Your text is now a vector shape and part of the artwork.